E3net, the Network for Enabling Educational Excellence  has been delivering services to Ministries of Education, national and international education agencies and local education services for nearly a decade.

It began in Scotland, a country with an excellent reputation for education, and quickly grew to over forty consultants and associates.  Since our humble beginnings delivering support to national agencies across the UK, we have expanded to lead programmes in the Middle East and Asia, to deliver capacity building programmes in every continent (except Antartica!) and to support large international education projects. 

Our key strength is the ability to deliver high impact programmes at a strategic level.  This has allowed us to attract some of the most experienced consultants in the world to work with us - people who have led and managed not just single projects, but complex educational services across a whole region -  and as a result to work at Ministry level to deliver effective change in Education.

Whether you are looking for expertise to help shape a 21st century education system, the development of a quality system within education or a greater understanding of the The Strategy Gap e3net can help you build a more effective system while saving money by ensuring policy and practice are aligned with educational best practice across the world.