The country that out-educates us today will out-compete us tomorrow. 

Barak Obama


As well as being a fundamental human right, education is the driver of economic growth.  Education is however currently in the midst of the biggest changes in two thousand years.  A surgeon taken from the year 1900 and thrown into an operating theatre in 2000 would be a liability rather than an asset.  Our contention is that a teacher taken from 1950 and put into a classroom in 2050 would be equally lost.

Education services therefore need to have a vision for the future, and an understanding of the change management process.

E3net can help develop and deliver this vision, providing not just examples of how technology is transforming education services, but case studies and research evidence that clarifies how to allocate resources in ways that create an effective and transformative education service.   This allows change to be managed and programme benefits to be fully realised, not lost in the transition between vision and delivery.