If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.                             

Derek Bok


Allocating funds to education development is not a drain or resources, it is an investment in the future of the country. Funding is however often contingent on identified reporting mechanisms and outcome measures.  While commendable, these constraints can significantly reduce the effectiveness of a programme, replacing what is important with what is measurable, and sacrificing long term capacity for short-term improvement in a small number of measures.

E3net can work with local and national government to ensure that funding criteria are constructed in such a way that they help focus the effort and funding in ways that optimise performance, not just improving immediate outcomes, but also building the capacity of the education system so that it continues to improve in the long term.

 We also develop procurement strategies that are outcome-based rather than based on a cost model that provides short-term savings at the expense of any real benefit to educational outcomes.