Planning is everything: the plan is nothing.                               

Dwight D Eisenhower


The single most important stage in any development is creating the strategy to deliver the vision, yet this is the stage that is most often unsupported by the expertise of experienced educationalists who have conducted similar programmes in other countries.  

A number of reputable educationalists are now referring to this as  The Strategy Gap and would argue that it is the single greatest waste of funding in education development programmes worldwide.

A significant amount of funding is wasted each year when programmes move from high level objectives to projects and procurement without considering the detail of the strategy and tactics.  At e3net, we avoid the strategy gap by engaging with local staff to look at the change management process as well as the objectives.  This not only ensures that the plan takes into account local circumstances, it also builds local understanding of the purpose of the plan and the impact of different factors: ensuring short and long term success.