As well as support for Education Ministries and other local and national education institutions, e3net provides support for Language schools.  One recent development in this area is a series of conversations between two e3net consultants who are native speakers of English.

These videos, available on a subscription basis, are delivered in partnership with local language schools.  Click here to view sample videos and subscribe to this service.

An international Learning Together Event aimed at Leaders of Learning was launched at the Visit Scotland "Innovate the Nation" conference.

Designed to be much more than just a conference, the event was created to provide Staff Development to managers of schools from across the globe.  Combining world-class speakers with international discussion groups and a set of very practical tools led to a unique offering designed to ensure that delegates leave the event well able to drive forward educational improvement in their own regions.

We are very excited to be leading this event.  Register now at the conference website.

Our main focus is the delivery of support services to Ministries of Education, but we also provide services to schools and other organisations.

We have for example created training programmes, conducted inspections and review of services, introduced and delivered quality assurance programmes and appraisal systems, provided interim managers and led conferences and workshops.

Our service is not about a specific list of products, it is about bringing experienced educational experts that engage with your community of teachers and learners and build the local capacity to deliver excellence and continuous improvement.