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Introduction: Decision-Making Levels in your education system.

To make sure you answer the correct questions, we need to know how many decision-making levels there are in the system.

The examples below are just to give an indication of how different systems may work.  They are only examples as each system uses different words.  "Regions" may for example be called "Districts" or Provinces". 

The important thing at this point is to simply to select the correct number of "levels" there are in your local system.


Select the number of levels from the options below.


Details of Each Decision-Making Level

Thanks for selecting the number of levels in your education system.  The following questions ask a little about which decisions are made at each level.

These are worded in a very general way to accommodate all of the different systems across the world.  Choose the ones that fit most closely with your own understanding of how your local system works.



Development Priorities

In this section, we will try to determine key priorities further development of your education system.

Please complete the sentences below.


If we could increase our education budget by 5%, the top priority would be to improve:

This would be achieved by allocating funds to: